Saturday, May 1, 2010

ஏன் எதற்கு எப்படி?

படிச்சவங்களாம் அரசியலுக்கு வரணும்கறத தப்பா புரிஞ்சுக்கிட்டு இப்ப பல கல்வி வள்ளல்கள் கட்சி தொடங்க ஆரம்பிச்சுட்டாங்க. சரி அவங்கதான் அவங்க பொழப்ப மறந்துட்டாங்க. நம்மளாவது மக்களுக்கு கொஞ்சம் பொது அறிவ வழங்கலாம்னு தோனுச்சு அதான் இங்க சில பொது அறிவு கேள்விகள் உங்களுக்கு.

கூகுல் (google) பண்ணாம கொஞ்ச உங்க பொது அறிவு திறன் பெட்டகத்த திறந்து பாருங்களேன்.

சரியான விடைகளை (யாரும் சொல்லலைனா) கடைசியில பின்னூட்டமா நாளைக்கு போடறேன்.  

1. What is Achilles heel?
It is used to mention a person's weak point.
2. From where the word "Atlas" derived?
"Atlas" is a greek God who bears the world on his shoulder. So the book of maps is named after him.
3. Which bone is called as Funny bone and Why?
The bone from your shoulder to your elbow is called funny bone because its scientific name is humerous.
4. What is the first name of shakespear?
5. The biggest number in mathematics is called as? 
Centillion - In British centillion has 600 zeros, but in US it has 303 zeros.
6. The sum of opposite sides of a die is always ....
Always 7.
7. Why and how the chess game was invented?
When a King's son died in a war he was so sad and seeing this a genious invented a game to show him that wars are common and you lose kingdom/people.
8. What is Achilles tendon?
Achilles is a greek warrior who fought in the Trojan war. His mother was an angel and she dipped Achilles in a holy river so that he will become an immortal person but since she held his legs while dipping him in the river his ankle never got solemnized.

When he fought in the Trojan war one of the enemy's arrow hit his ankle and he died as that part of his body was not solemnized. So he died in the war. Achilles heel was
9. Which is the shortest word in English that contains all the vowels?
Aerious means airy
10. Do you believe all these are from aathimanithan's moolai?
No. It is all my daughter's question over a week after reading her school book
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சைவகொத்துப்பரோட்டா said...

கேள்வி? தமிழ்ல எனக்கு பிடிக்காத வார்த்தை, வரட்டா...ஆங்...........:))
நாளைக்கு பதிலை போடுவீங்களா?

Madhavan said...

hi dear,

i missed you.. where were you.. y no post for a long time..?

ஆதி மனிதன் said...

Thanks Maddy. Been busy with work/relocation etc. Will defenitely start writing with new/fresh ideas.

Chitra said...

# 10 - No. Maybe from Google/Wikipedia. :-)

சாய்ராம் கோபாலன் said...

Some I surely knew.

But I guess I won't you here in the US. Your family seems to be threatening my very small intellectual base !!!

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